International Moves For most people, relocation means moving across town or across state lines. As the world economy became “global” in the 1960s, a challenge was presented to moving professionals to relocate an ever increasing number of families to and from overseas locations.

The challenge was not in the distance. It was learning the skill sets required to safely prepare items for long transits. It was mastering the available methods and routes. It was aligning with partners all over the globe, and understanding the rules and regulations of foreign governments.

International Shipping versus International Move Management

International shipping is simply moving cargo from port to port. This can leave the unsuspecting with the daunting tasks of finding their own way through the multitudes of document requirements and customs regulations. It will, at the very least, create additional costs, delays and hardships to those not familiar with the process.

As an Agent, R J Burton Relocation Services has an integrated service that removes these unknowns and risks for you. From the very beginning of the process, you are made aware of the documents that you must secure and possess for entry into your foreign destination and whether your presence is required for customs clearance. You are advised of the current regulations of the destination country, and what items can and cannot be shipped. You are advised of electrical and broadcast standards and their compatibility to U.S. manufactured electronics.

RJ Burton Relocation Services carefully analyzes the volume of the items to be shipped and determines the most effective shipping methods to meet your needs. We select an overseas affiliate to act on your behalf to receive the shipment, assist you through customs, and then deliver your goods to your new home. Your move is tracked every step of the way by a dedicated International Services Specialist who resolves any problems which may occur and follows your shipment through until you are settled into your new home.

Accurate Pricing

The international move process is not a commodity. It is a series of activities with underlying costs. As it is not a commodity, it is often difficult to “comparison shop” without understanding the underlying activities.

The pre-move survey conducted by the R J Burton Relocation Services representative captures the information critical to determining price. Although estimates will vary, the objective is to capture the volume of the items to be shipped as the basis, with weight as a secondary factor. With this information available, R J Burton Relocation Services then calculates the best methods of shipping and the prices for the available options. We then take into account any extra costs such as port handling and customs fees. If there are charges that cannot be calculated in advance, your rate will reflect a potential additional charge payable at destination.

An international move has multiple stages:

  • Packing/loading
  • Equipment positioning
  • Transport to pier/airport of departure
  • Export documentation
  • On board/sailing confirmation
  • Foreign agent notification
  • Document transmittal
  • Arrival confirmation
  • Customs entry and clearance
  • Delivery to residence

Each stage hinges on the prior, so it is crucial to track and monitor each step along the way for a successful transit package. As part of R J Burton Relocation Services International Move Management Service, your shipment is assigned to a dedicated International Services Specialist who coordinates the activities to assure that each stage is successfully completed.

Estimating Your Shipment

The only way to obtain an accurate estimate for movement of your goods is to have them physically surveyed by a professional moving estimator. In addition to the obvious furniture items, items that must be placed within cartons may add an additional 30% to 60% to your overall volume. Since the cost of shipment is based upon volume and weight, “ball-park” estimates are only as accurate as the guess of volume and weight. R J Burton Relocation Services will be more than happy to arrange for a free, no-obligation estimate.
Security Issues and Responsibilities

We only work with federally licensed freight forwarders, R J Burton Relocation Services has responsibilities and requirements for security purposes. Our business is subject to the rules of the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Maritime Commission and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Many people assume that they can save money by packing their international shipment themselves. Although there is no law prohibiting individuals from doing so, the Department of Homeland Security monitors the content declarations of shipments departing from the U.S., and the forwarder is held responsible for the contents of the shipments that they book for transport. It is for this reason that R J Burton Relocation Services will not accept shipments that are packed by owner (PBO). Compliance requires that our foreign agents pack the contents of all shipments. This is true of the majority of licensed and reputable international forwarders.

As each customer is different, so are the needs to be considered for each and every move. Our objective is to educate our customers in the international process, thereby allowing them to make a better decision in their selection of an international mover.


I've been after my son Edington to respond to you for some time now. However, the younger generation lose the sense of priority on certain issues. Therefore, I take it upon myself to tell you that the shipment of his goods from Seattle to England came off without a hitch and he is extremely pleased with your services. All household goods arrived with nothing broken/damaged or missing. The dood-to-door service went as planned and now his problem is what is he going to do with all these extra things (living space in UK is much smaller than in the USA).

Once again, we salute you for a job well done and thank you for making a difficult move easy.


Your guys were sensational! They worked so hard and were great to be around. I enjoyed them as they were cheerful and interested in doing the job well.

Juan, Chris, Doug and Joan

Thank you for your prompt professional services yesterday. Everything went perfect. Your staff were respectful of the situation and very accommodating.

Adrianne and Rod

We trust you and that trust has been earned, so congratulations and thank you for taking such good care of our things!


What a smooth move your crew provided us yesterday. The movers were on time and showed respect and courtesy to us and the items they were relocating. I would recommend your service to others based on our experience yesterday.


Your men did a great job. They were polite, hard working and professional. They seemed happy with their employment- just nice guys! Thank you, I will know more soon on the final move.


Richard. You were more than accommodating to Mark in a very difficult and frustrating time for him, and I sincerely and profusely thank you for that