Why a Moving Checklist is Important

By January 26, 2017Blog

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It is obvious that moving is a stressful situation, no matter how organized you are. However, if you plan ahead and work off of a moving checklist, chances are you will be in much better shape come the Big Day. Even if you think you have everything in order and are in pretty good shape before the movers arrive, you are probably missing something. By taking the time to plan ahead and work off of an in-depth moving checklist, you are guaranteed to save yourself a lot of time — and money.

Below you will find a detailed checklist of everything you need to accomplish prior to moving day. You can thank us later, but for now let’s dive into all the things you need to think about before your to-do list turns into a novel:

  • Compare local moving companies and hire one as early as possible. One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is waiting until the last minute to hire a moving company. Once you know you are moving and have the date in place, start calling around and get everything squared away with the moving company of your choice.
  • Start collecting boxes. Boxes aren’t always super easy to come by these days, so you may want to start this process early so you don’t get stressed out. Check local grocery stores or even ask the moving company you decided on, as they should be able to help.
  • If moving long distance, plan your route ahead of time and book hotels. The last thing you want to do when moving across the country is have to find vacant hotels along the way. By planning out your route and booking rooms, you will have a much less stressful time.
  • If moving long distance, have your vehicles serviced before you go. A broken down car is no fun, no matter what, let alone if you are moving a long distance. Get your oil changed and have your mechanic look over your car for any other maintenance needs to avoid a major headache.
  • Find a safe place for your pets. Moving isn’t only stressful on you, but it can be quite overwhelming for your pets, too. If possible, line up a friend or family member for them to stay with, or even a boarding facility if they are accustomed to that.
  • Change your address. Before you move, change your address with your bank, any loan providers, credit cards, and the payroll department at work.
  • Pack in sections. Packing up your entire home into boxes the day before a move is a terrible idea, as you can imagine. In order to make it more doable, start small and pack in sections. Begin with one room in the house and slowly make your way to the most used parts of your home as moving day approaches.

We hope this checklist will give you a good place to start when it comes time to move. By planning ahead and securing a moving company well in advance, you are bound to have a much smoother move. And remember, RJ Burton Relocation Services is here for all your moving and packing needs!

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